Grog Full Metal Paint 200


Grog FMP 200


FMP on erittäin kiiltävä, nopeasti kuivuva, hyvin pysyvä sekä peittävä liuotinpohjainen maali, 200ml pullossa. Maali on kehitetty alunperin erityisesti Grog squeezereihin. Sopii käytettäväksi useimmille materiaaleille.

200 ml refill bottle for all the Grog Blue Label markers. Full Metal Paint is a high shiny, quick drying and permanent paint that, thanks to the formula specially designed for the use with Squeezer, has become the most popular refill for write everywhere. The Full Metal Paint finish is so glossy that you can mirror in it and the colors are super solid and highly opaque. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, both on dark and light surfaces.
Available in 19 colors, of which 3 neon colors and 2 metallized colors.



Burning Chrome, Klondike Gold, Death Black, Bogota White, Miami Green