Grog Squeezer 10 FMP


Grog FMP 10mm Squeezer


Grog FMP on legendaarinen ensimmäinen alkuperäinen Squeezermarkkeri, 70ml säiliöllä ja 10mm kokoisella kärjellä. Täytetty hyvin peittävällä kiiltävällä liuotinpohjaisella FMP maalilla. Tussi on helposti uudelleen täyttettävä, ja vaihtokärkiä on saatavilla erikseen.

Squeezer 10 FMP is the founder of the Squeezer dynasty, the first one, the original. Equipped with a Flowtex 10 tip, it’s the ideal marker for write with the maximum flow, thanks to the porous tip material. Like the other Squeezer models, the reservoir is made of soft plastic, so you can squeeze it as much as possible to calibrate the ink flow as you like. Filled with 70 ml of Full Metal Paint, Squeezer 10 FMP is easily refillable with the useful Grog Refiller and it has an antidrip edge, for writing without any mess, and a secure sealing closure cap. An amazing product from the brand that revolutioned the world of tagging tools, a real must-have.
Available in 19 opaque colors, glossy finish.



Burning Chrome, Klondike Gold, Death Black, Bogota White, Flash Yellow, Sunray Yellow, Clockwork Orange, Ferrari Red, Piggy Pink, Jellyfish Fuchsia, Goldrake Purple, Iceberg Blue, Diving Blue, Miami Green, Obitory Green, Laser Green, Neon Green, Neon Fuchsia, Splatter Red