Montana Cans


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Montana BLACK spraymaalia saatvilla nyt pienessä taskukokoisessa 150ml tai vieläkin pienemmässä 50ml koossa.

Montana BLACK spray paint now available as 150ml. Perfect for fast painting and layering optimized Nitro-Combination lacquer. High-pressure and short drying time allows rapid re-application. Montana BLACK is weather and winterproof. Available as 150ml in 6 matte color shades. Compatible with Montana BLACK 400ml and 600ml. Try out now! Winterproof! Highest Quality – MADE IN GERMANY

The Montana BLACK 50ml is a discrete and easy to carry can that is 9cm high, with a slender radius of of 3.3cm. Available in the color black, this mini can is loaded with a black dot skinny cap as standard but can also be fitted with any of the caps in the Montana Cans range (excluding Ultra Wide caps).



BLK 9001 BLACK 50ml (Mini Can), BLK 9001 BLACK 150ml, BLK 9105 WHITE 150ml, SILVER OUTLINE 150ml, BLK 2093 CODE RED 150ml, BLK 5030 LIGHT BLUE 150ml