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Montana Level 1


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Skinny suutin ohueen puhtaaseen linjaan.

Now cleaner and thinner than before!
The  Level 1 Cap is a ultra skinny cap, for a  extra fine average spray width ranging from 0.4 -1.5cm (0.15“ to 0.6“). The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

The complete Level Cap system was developed by Montana Cans to compliment the exceptional characteristics of the low pressure, Montana GOLD. The Level 1 Cap is the ultimate precision cap for the Montana GOLD and is the preferred outline cap for graffiti, street artists and urban artists. It also delivers excellent, accurate results on the Montana BLACK and WHITE can ranges, making it perfectly suited for D.I.Y and arts and crafts projects. Developed specifically for the Montana GOLD range, the Level 1 Cap was re-launched with even skinnier and cleaner results.

The Level 1 Cap offers ultra skinny lines that are ideal for fine work, when extreme detail is required (as in Graffiti/Street/Urban art), or when working on small projects. The Level 1 Cap has an average spray width of 0.4cm -1.5cm. Although able to be used in almost any context, the Level 1 Cap is often used by artists in the context of outlining their works, working on extreme close up details as in portraiture, figurative or realism. It is optimal for when colors need to be precisely layered next to each other, or when paint needs to be applied with as little sign of spray stroke as possible. The spray width changes as the distance of application to the substrate changes. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance to your substrate. For fatter or broader lines, spray from a further distance.