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Sketchliner on täydellinen kynäpaketti tarkaan linjaan. Sisältää 5kpl erikokoisia mustia linjakyniä, joissa alkoholipojaista pigmenttimustetta. paksuudet 01mm, 02mm, 03mm, 05mm ja 08mm

The Montana Sketchliner set is the perfect all round drawing companion for all your accurate line marking needs. Within the attractive transparent packaging lies 5 fine black liner markers varying from size 01mm to 08mm. Perfect for fine, lose or detailed work, you can get as accurate or as free as you want. The Montana Sketchliners make drawing, line work, illustration or even just writing notes aesthetic, fun and creative. Containing acid-free black pigment ink in an alcohol base, these prestigious markers are made in Japan which is one of the corner stones for pen and ink tradition and technology worldwide. Waterproof & photocopy safe the Montana Sketchline markers are certified with the AP-Mark seal of quality delivering pure black color. Complementing the ink’s delivery is the durable and strong synthetic nib which is resistant to breaking or fringing.

The Montana Sketch liners are versatile for use on many surfaces. To open your mark making possibilities, try combining them with the Montana ACRYLIC markers (once dry) in the Montana Black books or Montana Marker paper pads. All sketch liners are available in single packs including the 1.2mm size which is not present in the sets.